Freestyle Books ‘Genius on Hold’

Freestyle books ‘Genius on Hold’
Telecommunications doc narrated by Frank Langella

By Dave McNary
Freestyle Releasing has acquired all domestic rights to documentary “Genius on Hold” with plans for an Oscar-qualifying release before the end of the year.

“Genius,” written and directed by Gregory Marquette, was produced by Walter T. Shaw, and co-produced by Diana Ross-Shaw and is narrated by Frank Langella. It debuted as an official selection at the Palm Beach International Film Festival and Soho International Film Festival.

Story centers on Walter L. Shaw, a prolific inventor in the telecommunications field who turned to the mob, whose bookies used his “black box” to run their gambling operations and wound up destitute before passing away in 1996. His son, embittered by his father’s destruction, turned to organized crime in the 1970s and 1980s before attempting to set the record straight about his father.

“Phones are the center of most of our universes today,” said Mark Borde, co-president of Freestyle Releasing. “I was amazed to learn about Walter Shaw and am honored to be able to help have his voice finally be heard.”

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