Freestyle Mission

Freestyle Digital Media [FDM] is an independent film maker’s home. You’re working passionately to create something special, and we support that. We recognize your sacrifice, your passion and your entrepreneurship. Led by a top-tier team of industry veterans, Freestyle Digital Media’s mission is to provide promotional support, placement, and merchandising over the life of the term, well beyond the initial distribution lifecycle. We also offer a menu of a la carte services including publicity, social media and direct email marketing, piracy protection, creative advertising, and theatrical booking, enabling filmmakers to leverage our reach to access discounted vendor pricing.


Freestyle Team

Under our parent, ENTERTAINMENT STUDIOS, Freestyle Digital Media is a boutique distribution group who brings independent filmmakers the resources of a global media, content and technology company.  Our team is comprised of industry innovators and veterans who are committed to maximizing the distribution of your film. We partner with you to secure your film’s placement as we promote and amplify its visibility.

Byron Allen

Chairman and CEO


Bill Vergos

Head of Digital Film Distribution

Chris Charalambous

Chris Charalambous

Head of Acquisitions

Dick Roberts

Dick Roberts

Executive Vice President, Brand Marketing & Corporate Synergies

Eric Peterkofsky

Eric Peterkofsky

Executive Vice President, Talent & Public Relations

Mark Eisner

Mark Eisner

Senior Vice President, Content Distribution, Partnerships & Programming

Brooke Wolfe

Brooke Kahn

Senior Vice President, Content Distribution, Partnerships & Programming

Dillan Damodar

Dillan Damodar

Director, Content Operations


Raha Javanfard

Senior Staff Accountant

Rozalin Asgharzadeh

Senior Social Media Manager

Clayton Schiebel

Senior Manager of Acquisitions

Kamron Hakemy

Manager of Content Distribution

Cassandra Calhoun

Acquisitions Coordinator