Byron Allen’s Freestyle Digital Media acquires social justice documentary ‘Mama!’

Freestyle Digital Media has acquired “Mama!”, a documentary showcasing three mothers’ fight for justice after their sons are killed by police.

The digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group announced on Monday that the company had acquired the video-on-demand rights to “Mama!” Allen is the founder/chairman/CEO of Allen Media Group, which owns theGrio.

“Mama!”, directed by Sofia Drai and written by Carl Reid, will be available to rent or own on all digital HD internet, cable and satellite platforms, as well as on DVD, beginning Feb. 6.

“Mama!” follows Minnesota mothers Amity Dimock, Del Shea Perry and Katie Wright as they challenge the system and fight for accountability.

All three women became activists after losing their sons to police violence.

The documentary — which was produced by Drai, Reid and Enrico Natale — takes place in Minnesota, the same state where George Floyd was murdered in 2020, sparking international protests and widespread recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement. Described as a “true-crime documentary,” “Mama!” is the story of Black men who “have died under questionable circumstances during interactions with police” and “those left behind who loved them the most, from the very first moment they drew breath — their mothers,” according to an official press release.

“In capturing this unprecedented moment in time, I hope that ‘Mama!’ can inform upcoming generations and expose them to the horrible mistakes that continue to plague our society again and again,” Drai stated. “’Mama!’ strives to be a wake-up call — to seize their attention and show them the urgent need for speaking up and being informed. These grieving mothers have not only opened my eyes with their impossible strength, courage and resilience, they’ve truly changed my life.”

Drai has produced several other films, including 2020’s “Avil,” 2019’s “Cave of Da Vinci” and 2016’s “Confession.”

Freestyle Digital Media’s recent releases include “Survive,” with Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins, “Brothers in Blues” and “Dear Zoe,” starring Sadie Sink, Jessica Capshaw and Theo Rossi. The division previously acquired the indie film “1 Angry Black Man,” which unpacks race relations in America through the eyes of a Black college senior at a liberal arts school.