Calling All Earthlings pokes around the fringes of a fascinating story, starring a miniature society of UFO cultists, New Agers and desert eccentrics orbiting around an all-powerful device-turned-shrine: George Van Tassel’s Integratron.

Built in the desert just outside California’s Joshua Tree National Park, Van Tassel’s Integratron is based on the Great Pyramid, the electrical science of Nikola Tesla and instructions Tassel received from an extraterrestrial named Solganda. The domed building was designed to generate electromagnetic fields and oscillate at frequencies Van Tassel claimed would make people younger, counteract gravity and provide free, unlimited energy. For congregates in Van Tassel’s Ministry of Universal Wisdom, the Integratron was (and is) almost whatever they could imagine it to be, which may explain why Van Tassel was so reluctant to turn the machine on. Though Van Tassel completed primary construction on the Integratron in 1959, it wasn’t readied for operation until 1978. But just weeks before Van Tassel and his wife were scheduled to enter the activated Integratron field, he was found dead of a heart attack in a hotel room.

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