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‘DeadHeads’ Review

By Marcey Papandrea, MoreHorror.com

Right off the bat, I enjoyed DeadHeads for what it was and I had quite a few laughs along the ride. And this film is definitely a ride, it’s a zombie/comedy/buddy/roadtrip film and I am pretty sure I hadn’t seen one of those till now. It certainly is an ambitious film, and it should be in the wake of so many zombie related films out there. It has a pretty good hook, which sets it aside from the rest.

The film begins with a man named Mike (Michael McKiddy) waking up and finding there is a zombie attack in progress, however he doesn’t seem to notice that he himself is a zombie but a coherent one. He meets another coherent zombie Brent (Ross Kdder) and the pair decides to embark on a roadtrip to find Mike’s long lost love. However things aren’t going to be that simple, there are other zombies around and a group trying to capture them, bring on the fun!

DeadHeads is a pretty fun film, it tries to blend quite a few different things together which both work and don’t work. It really will depend on what you want out of the film, but the comedy and zombie elements really work. I liked that these two guys were coherent zombies, and the rest were mindless flesh eaters. The buddy aspect also really worked as the pair had the perfect chemistry, and the humor about the situations just came naturally.

Michael McKiddy and Ross Kidder were great; both men really suited their roles and played them perfectly. Where McKiddy’s Mike was more the straight laced and Kidder’s Brent was the wild one, they played off each other well. The film wouldn’t have worked without two leads who worked well together and who really understood the script and the humor. These two did a great job, and it honestly made the film enjoyable. Markus Taylor was pretty funny was Cheese, a not so coherent zombie, a great side character. I’d like to say the other characters and actors were memorable but the film is really about those two. While everyone else was solid, they were the guys I paid attention to.

Writers and directors Brett and Drew Pierce (credited as the Pierce Brothers) did an exceptional job. Clearly these guys are horror fans, zombie fans and they really littered the film with some great references. It is nice to see the homage and references, but they don’t get in the way of telling the story or over shadow anything, it was rather nicely played. At the end of the day, DeadHead isn’t a perfect film, but it is an enjoyable and fun one. It certainly gives us something fresh, and a different look at zombies. It reminded me of The Revenant in the way that that film looked at vampire lore differently; here we get a different take on zombies.

If you are in the mood for laughs and gore, this is a pretty solid one. Despite some slow spots and weird changes in the story, it is definitely worth watching.