DEADLINE: Freestyle Digital Media Acquired North American Rights To The Comedy-Adventure ‘Hello From Nowhere’ – Film Briefs

EXCLUSIVE: Freestyle Digital Media has taken North American rights to the comedy-adventure pic Hello from Nowhere written and directed by Anthony Orkin, with plans to release it across VOD platforms on November 8.

In the film, two couples are on a camping trip when they meet a stranger who says he’s hiking to Canada. The truth is more complicated. Desperately lonely, Jason (Sean Paul Ross) tries to peel someone – anyone – off this group, to join him in the woods, forever — all set to the jaunty melodies of an imaginary Gilbert & Sullivan musical.

Hello from Nowhere also stars Summer Menkee, John Armour, G. Scott Brown, Denah Angel, Todd A. Robinson, Alyssa Roehrenbeck and Orkin. Robinson and Roehrenbeck produced alongside Lara Cuddy. Freestyle Digital Media negotiated the deal to acquire Hello from Nowhere with independent sales rep and distribution consultant, Liz Manashil. Watch the film’s trailer below.