DEADLINE: Freestyle Digital Media Acquired North American Rights To The Halloween-Themed Psychological Thriller ‘Pumpkinhole’ & To Romantic Drama ‘Stay the Night’ – Film Briefs

EXCLUSIVE: Freestyle Digital Media has acquired North American rights to the Halloween-themed psychological thriller Pumpkinhole, and to the romantic drama, Stay the Night. The digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group will release the former title across VOD platforms on September 27, bringing the latter to the Laemmle Monica Film Center in Santa Monica and the Cinépolis Chelsea in New York City, and to digital platforms on October 7.

Pumpkinhole tells the story of a washed-up baseball star, Nick Palazzo (Chris Serrone), who becomes haunted by visions of pumpkins — believing them to be linked to a boy who mysteriously disappeared the previous Halloween. As Palazzo’s strange experiences become more intense and frightening, he desperately seeks a way to make the visions stop. Convinced the pumpkins are linked to the missing boy, Nick befriends the boy’s mother, in hopes of easing her suffering. Soon, with Halloween approaching, he considers the possibility of using supernatural means to bring the child back to her and comes to believe he has discovered a portal to another dimension… the pumpkinhole.

Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz directed the film from his and Marc Tarczali’s script, with Paulina Cossio, Tim Farley, Dina Selimovic, Gene DiNapoli, Ken Arquelio, Patricia Kazakoff, Arthur Finer, Luchana Gatica and Gaby Santinelli rounding out the cast. Tarczali produced, with Vladimir Piverger serving as exec producer.

Stay the Night follows the reserved and very single Grace (Andrea Bang), who feels like an outcast. When she meets Carter Stone (Joe Scarpellino), a professional athlete on the outs who has his own decision to make, she wonders if maybe Carter is the perfect solution to her problem. After their first attempt at a one-night stand goes awry, they end up spending the evening walking and talking through the streets of Toronto, leading them to a connection neither of them expected.  Renuka Jeyapalan wrote and directed the pic, which was produced by Brian Robertson (Low End Productions) and Glenn Cockburn (Relay Station), also receiving financial backing from Telefilm Canada. Its cast also includes Humberly Gonzalez and Ray Ablack.

Freestyle Digital Media negotiated the deal to acquire Pumpkinhole directly with Tarczali of Cozy Forest Films, negotiating the deal for Stay the Night with Glen Reynolds of Circus Road Films. Watch the trailers for both films below.