DEADLINE: Freestyle Digital Media Acquires Mark Pellington’s Thriller ‘Survive’ Starring Sophie Turner & Corey Hawkins

EXCLUSIVE: Freestyle Digital Media has acquired U.S. rights to the adventure thriller Survive, starring Emmy nominees Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) and Corey Hawkins (BlacKkKlansman), slating it for release on VOD on June 20th.

The film directed by by Mark Pellington (Arlington Road), which is based on the same-name 2012 novel by Alex Morel, was originally conceived as a “movie in chapters” for the now-defunct streaming platform Quibi, with its story broken out into segments of 10 minutes or less in length. It tells the story of what happens when two ordinary people, Jane (Turner) and Paul (Hawkins), have to fight for their lives when their airplane crashes on a remote snow-covered mountain, leaving them as the only survivors. Soon, this unlikely duo will have to find a way to get back to society, all while Jane struggles with her own personal demons, and Paul does everything he can to keep her safe and lead their journey out of the wilderness.

Richard Abate & Jeremy Ungar adapted the screenplay for the film, which Gunpowder & Sky produced alongside EMH Consulting Group. Cary Granat, Ed Jones and Richard Abate produced, with Van Toffler, Floris Bauer and Barry Barclay exec producing for Gunpowder & Sky.

Survive is an exciting, intense, and harrowing action-packed movie — an emotional tale of resilience and determination — and I am very proud to be presenting this feature-length version of our film,” said Pellington in a statement to Deadline. “Anchored by two great performances by Sophie Turner and Emmy-nominated Corey Hawkins, Survive is a wonderfully scripted tale of a young woman who fights to stay alive after considering that life wasn’t worth living as she engages with a fellow survivor in a semi-tragic tale of sacrifice and healing. Shot in Latvia and the Italian Alps, Survive is a visual and sonic treat capturing natural beauty in peril.”

Freestyle Digital Media negotiated the deal for Survive directly with Michaela Johnson-Carroll of Gunpowder & Sky.