DEADLINE: Freestyle Digital Media Has Acquired North American Rights To The Rock Music Documentary Falling Higher: The Story of Ampage – Film Briefs

EXCLUSIVE: Freestyle Digital Media has acquired North American rights to the rock music documentary Falling Higher: The Story of Ampage, narrated by Jake Busey, slating it for release across VOD platforms on January 24.

The film directed by Colin J. Felger examines four decades in the history of the hard rock group, Ampage, and its singer-songwriter, Mark Mason. Ampage started as a garage band in 1978 before evolving into a headliner on the Sunset Strip during the glam metal era of the 1980s, falling into obscurity when various vices inevitably took hold. Addicted and homeless, Mason eventually became acquainted with legendary twelve-step guru Bob Timmins. From there, his life took on a new meaning and a resurrection of his craft became unveiled — from signing a major record deal and touring across the country, to completing an Iron Man World Championship triathlon and coaching a high school triathlon team.

Falling Higher was produced by Mason, Felger, Kathryn S. Levine and Victor Levine, in association with Forcefield Studios. Freestyle Digital Media negotiated the deal to acquire the film directly with Glen Reynolds of Circus Road Films. Watch the trailer for it below.