DEADLINE: Freestyle Digital Media Has Acquired Worldwide Rights The Sports Documentary Take the Ice

EXCLUSIVE: Freestyle Digital Media has acquired worldwide rights the sports doc Take the Ice, telling the story of world-class female hockey players and their fight for equality in their sport, slating it for release on VOD on July 25.

Directed by Rachel Koteen, Take the Ice spotlights the life of Dani Rylan, who by 10 years of age was obsessed with hockey and dreamed of growing up to play in the NHL. As one of the best players on the Florida state junior team, Rylan saw no reason not to have the same ambitions as everyone else. But as the only girl on the team, the reality of being denied entry into an all-male sports league set in. 17 years later, the doc goes behind the scenes as Rylan decides to change the history of the sport by founding the first professional women’s hockey league.

Among the other hockey players profiled in the film are Denna Laing, Molly Engstrom and Anya Packer, to name a few. Koteen was joined in producing it by Batya Feldman and Judah-Lev Dickstein. Freestyle Digital Media negotiated the deal to acquire Take the Ice, whose trailer you can view below, directly with Koteen.