DEADLINE: Freestyle Takes ‘Storage Locker’ Horror

EXCLUSIVE: Freestyle Digital Media has closed a deal to serve as the North American VOD distributor for Storage Locker, a new comic book-themed horror feature written, directed and produced by Ray Spivey, which is now set for release across platforms on August 22nd.

Exec produced by Brian K. Jammer, the film tells the story of a comic book collector (Avery Mayo) who falls for two beautiful sisters, Apollonia (Bobbie Grace) and Diana (Meredyth Fowler), who run a secret society of rarities dealers, resulting in his battling a demonic monster in the sisters’ storage facility.

Also starring in the flick are Mike Gassaway, David Trevino, Hannah Hufford, Skeeta Jenkins, Jeannie Carter-Cruz, Jennifer Gunderson and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Allen Danziger. Freestyle negotiated the deal directly with Glen Reynolds of Circus Road Films. Watch the trailer for Storage Locker below.