DEADLINE: ‘Pink Flags’ Thriller Short Starring Raye Levine Spielberg, Sawyer Spielberg Debuts First Look Photos; Freestyle Acquisitions – Film Briefs

EXCLUSIVE: Freestyle Digital Media has acquired North American rights to the arthouse sci-fi pic Ozma and environmental disaster horror The Red Tide Massacre, slating both for release on VOD on January 30th. Check out trailers for the projects below.

A sci-fi, arthouse, musical adventure, Ozma tells the story of Jeff (Ferdy Roberts), an insomniac who is swept up in an unexpected adventure after a strange jellyfish-like creature arrives at his house in the middle of the night. The cast also includes Gemma Saunders, Jun Noh, Victoria Moseley, Eva Magyar, Alice Margaroli and Lynn Ruth Miller. Directed and produced by Keith John Adams, the film is set to make its U.S. theatrical premiere at the Boston Sci Fi Film Festival in mid-February.

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