‘Entertainment Weekly’ Exclusive: See Sarah Hyland and Tyler James Williams Play Drinking Game in ‘The Wedding Year’ Clip

By Maureen Lee Lenker

Click here to watch the exclusive clip!

We’ve all been there — inevitably, there comes a time in your life where it seems like everyone you know is getting married. Your cousins, your best friends from high school, those other friends from college — nearly every weekend you’ve got a new set of vows to celebrate.

That’s the premise behind The Wedding Year, a new rom-com starring Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland as a cynical 20-something who finds herself in the midst of a year full of weddings after falling for an aspiring chef played by Dear White People’s Tyler James Williams. Hyland’s Mara is jaded by all the things commitment, and her relationship is tested when she and James Williams are invited to a slew of weddings.

In the exclusive clip above, Mara is shown having a late-night freak-out over the sheer number of wedding invites on her plate. She slaps her new boyfriend awake and proposes a solution to choosing which weddings to attend: a drinking game. They’ll run through the list of weddings, and every time one of them disagrees on a wedding, the person who wants to keep it takes a shot.

It’s a pretty ingenious way to make decisions, since it’s an expensive proposition. As Mara puts it, “I don’t have the money for it –traveling, wedding gifts, the outfits, committing to you for like a year.”

The Wedding Year hits theaters and VOD Sept. 20. Matt Shively (The Real O’Neals, Santa Clarita Diet), Anna Camp (Perfect HarmonyPitch Perfect), Jenna Dewan (The Resident), and Wanda Sykes (Black-ish) also star.