Entertainment Weekly: Zombeavers ‘For Your Consideration’

‘Zombeavers’ gets serious about the Oscars with a For Your Consideration Video

Entertainment Weekly Exclusive on ‘Zombeavers’

by Clark Collis on February 19, 2015

Still not excited about the Oscars? Then we have one word for you: Zombeavers. True, the first ever film about zombified beavers isn’t actually eligible for this year’s Academy Awards, as it doesn’t open in theatres until March 20. (The film will also be available on VOD from that date.) But director Jordan Rubin and the rest of Team Zombeavers are laying the groundwork for what I predict will be a clean sweep at next year’s ceremony* by the horror-comedy with an entertainingly po-faced “For your consideration” video.

You can see the teaser and the movie’s trailer below.



MPAA rating: R.

“Zombeavers” For Your Consideration