FILM THREAT: The Take Out Move

Writer-director-producer Andrew Simonian’s feature-length debut, The Take Out Move, is based on the 1997 short of the same name. In fact, some of the fight choreography, blocking, and camera angles are the exact same. But, was the filmmaker able to add enough depth to the proceedings to justify a 75-minute runtime? For that matter, is Simonian able to make audiences unfamiliar with the source material care about this extended version?

A mysterious man bathed in shadow (Zack Kozlow) hires Whalen (Jeremy Sless) to take out a young woman named Amber (Alexandra Miles). However, before he does, she must complete a series of specific tasks. Unbeknownst to Whalen, the shadowy figure also hired Davis (Nick Grace) to take out Amber. Well, the two men wind up in Amber’s home simultaneously. As both are stubborn and need the benefits of completing the assignment, they stay.

Whalen tries to convince Amber that Davis shouldn’t stick around, while Davis attempts to persuade her that it’s Whalen who must go. Given Whalen’s hard opinions on red velvet cake, Amber thinks Davis might be on to something. But, with both men at her disposal, Amber puts them to work helping her with the chores. Said chores or tasks include (but are not limited to) cleaning out the litter box, modeling nude for Amber, and giving her feedback on her cooking (“khicken”) and singing. All the while, whenever Amber isn’t in the room, Whalen, and Davis fight to determine who will be the one to stay.

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