2022, 97mins, NR
Director: Myles Yaksich
Actors: Mikaela Bisson, Jill Frappier, Romaine Waite

"Albatross" is a project that arose because of COVID, it was written when I had to return to Canada as a result of the pandemic, a time filled with political turbulence and social unrest - on the back of the me-too movement, during the George Floyd protests, and on the precipice of the election - all of which symbolize larger, systemic issues that have crept beneath the surface of the story. Whether it be sexuality, gender, race, spirituality, or whatever labels we've become accustomed to using in the ways we communicate to and about one another, the film's characters are all struggling to define their identity; juggling self-preservation and compromise, with individual morals and values - trying to determine how they see themselves, and whether that's through their own eyes or society's.

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