11/28/2023, 92mins, NR
Director: Kate Blewett
Actors: Amber Guymer-hosking

With the Taliban now in control of Afghanistan and war raging in Ukraine, we witness once again man’s inhumanity to man. DISORDER illustrates the impact of war on our veterans. Whilst protecting our freedom, they have suffered trauma on many levels. Thrust back into society with PTSD, we witness Ryan, Amber and Stuart trying to cope as civilians outside a war zone. Our film is a raw portrayal of their daily existence: the challenges they face as they attempt to “normalise” their mental health. They try, but are sometimes unable, to reintegrate into society as an individual and as a collective, often living as hermits, behind closed doors. This is not how it should be for our veterans. Now many millions of people across the planet can relate directly to our veterans in DISORDER because of their own individual journeys through Covid, and learning to live with trauma. We are telling the big story of mental health and the isolation of mankind today.

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