Pretty Broken

2018, 104mins, NR
Director: Brett Eichenberger
Actors: Jillian Clare, Tyler Christopher, Stacy Edwards

Lindsey Lou, a college dropout on the verge of divorce, reconnects with her family after her father goes missing in a mountain climbing accident in the Himalayas. Hanging to a shred of hope that he's still alive and waiting to be rescued, she hatches a scheme to raise enough money to go to Everest and bring him home herself. The only problem is, she's the least qualified for the job. As Lindsey's plan comes together she fights to keep her father's memory alive and bring him home before her lonely mother replaces him with a younger man. Coincidentally, the younger man is the former star of a regional kids TV show and Lindsey’s childhood “celebrity” crush who now runs a small used car lot. This love triangle only complicates her efforts to focus on her search and rescue mission, sign the divorce papers she’s been avoiding, and grow up to be the young woman her father would have been proud of.

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