DEADLINE: Freestyle Takes ‘Burning Land’ – Film Briefs

EXCLUSIVE: Freestyle Digital Media has acquired global VOD rights to the Israeli coming-of-age feature Burning Land, slating it for release on December 26, 2023.

Exploring the root causes of the century-long Israeli/Palestinian conflict, the film follows Yair (Asaf Hertz), a neglected teenager from Haifa who escapes to the outskirts of the contested Samaria region, where he finds companionship among a gang of settler teenage runaways, known as The Baladim. The Baladim welcome Yair and enroll him in a Yeshiva led by Rabbi Grunberg (Nathan Ravitz), a secret supporter of their radical ideology. In this utopia, Yair finds all he ever wanted, but a ground friction with the Palestinians and local law enforcement imperils his newfound home.

Liran Shitrit directed and produced alongside co-writer Stav Shalev. Riki Blich, Yael Levental, Barak Friedman, Lior Mashiach, Itzik Seidoff, and Eitan Saad also star. The deal was negotiated between Freestyle, Shalev and Conan Entertainment. View the trailer for Burning Land below.

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