Freestyle Digital Media Acquires David Labrava’s Debut Feature Film

Los Angeles, CA –– Freestyle Digital Media, the recently-acquired digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios has acquired the North American rights to the highly-anticipated dramatic action movie STREET LEVEL. Written, produced, and directed by actor/filmmaker David Labrava (SONS OF ANARCHY), STREET LEVEL debuts on VOD through Freestyle Digital Media on November 8, 2016. Freestyle Digital Media’s Vice President of Operations, Bill Vergos, negotiated the STREET LEVEL deal with The Green Room’s Tina McDonald on behalf of David Labrava’s Junkie Films and Chavez Bros. Productions.

In this gritty and moving drama based on a true story, Rico Santana (David Labrava) is a street dealer who fell from grace and became a junkie. Rico and his girlfriend Jesse (Elia Saldana) live in a low level tenement in Los Angeles. They both have king size speedball habits and are scraping the bottom of the barrel of life doing whatever it takes to get by. Surrounded by a crew with various habits of their own, this underground world of characters is virtually invisible to the average person working nine-to-five. But Rico and his boys are in a constant chase for money to cop dope. They spend days figuring out the next scam and then how to make it even bigger. Addiction, like love, can drive you to do things you never could have imagined… until you got a habit that needs filling or a person you can’t live without. STREET LEVEL is a dark, yet emotional exploration of life on the dangerous streets of L.A.

STREET LEVEL stars actor/filmmaker David Labrava (SONS OF ANARCHY) as ‘Rico’ and features an impressive cast of familiar faces, including Marilyn Manson (Benny), Drea de Matteo (Angela), Danny Trejo (Carlton), Charisma Carpenter (Sydney), Mark Boone Junior (Dimebag), Emilio Rivera (Pete), and Robert Patrick (Giuseppe).

“Street Level is a gritty, realistic look at drug dealers and the dangerous life addiction creates,” said Bill Vergos, Vice President of Operations for Freestyle Digital Media. “The incredible cast, including Drea De Matteo, were a huge incentive for us to pick up the film.”

“There’s two kinds of people on the Street. The ones walking on it and the ones living in it. This is a true to life story of what happened to me living on the street many years ago,” said STREET LEVEL writer/director/producer David Labrava. “The fact that I made a film of that day is amazing. I am grateful to Freestyle for distribution so that people all over North America will have a chance to enjoy this thought provoking and compelling drama.”


Freestyle Digital Media Aquires David Labrava’s Debut Feature Film “Street Level”

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