DEADLINE: Freestyle Digital Media Acquires ‘Bridges’ & ‘Instant Karma’ – Film Briefs

EXCLUSIVE: Freestyle Digital Media has acquired North American rights to writer-director Maria Corina Ramirez’s drama Bridges and director Mitesh Patel’s Instant Karma, slating both titles for release across VOD platforms on July 5.

Bridges is an English- and Spanish-language feature that tells the story of Maria Cecilia (Ramirez), a Latina high school valedictorian in Miami, who grapples with her fate and identity as graduation day approaches. Marialejandra Martin, Fernando Yvosky, Nathalia Lares, Julissa Calderon and Todd Allen Durkin also star. The film was produced by Maria Corina Ramirez, Tiffany Lighty, Lu Urdaneta, Anna Lee Schmand, Juan Lujan, Maria Teresita Sanchez, Maria Cristina Ramirez, Edson Jean, Adrian Geyer, Ruben Sierra Salles and Oolite Arts.

Instant Karma tells the story of Jeff (Stew Jetson), a young man at rock bottom, who works as a rideshare driver to make ends meet. When his car breaks down, he gets a loaner car and stumbles into a string of magical good fortune. His turnaround starts with one good deed to a homeless man which results in him being rewarded multiple times more. Jeff’s luck, good fortune, magic, whatever you call it, is like an incredible wave that he wants to ride for all it’s worth, but he’s afraid it will end. It does, several times, but then it starts back up again. If he could only figure out what’s causing it. Scott Gore and Matt Midgette wrote the pic, which also stars Samantha Belle, Nancy Mercurio, Karl Haas, Ac Larkin and Keegan Luther. Patel, Anthony Casanova and Michael Casanova served as its producers.

Freestyle Digital Media negotiated the deal for Bridges with Carlos Hernandez of Ikigai Management, negotiating the Instant Karma deal with Patel of Applied Art Productions. Watch the trailers for both films below.

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