Jordan Doww on his role as a bully in ‘Reach,’ and being openly gay at Hollywood auditions

“It’s windy outside!” Jordan Doww yelps in exasperation.

He enters the coffee shop in a dark pair of Ray Bans and a backward-turned hat, his thick auburn bangs flowing out from the sizing loop. Doww explains he needed the hat to combat the Santa Ana winds, which have littered the San Fernando Valley with piles of leaves ripped off their trees.

Doww and I have come together to chat about his new film Reach which opens October 19 in select theatres and on video on demand. Doww plays Nick, an emotionally disturbed bully and arch-nemesis of the film’s hero, Stephen, played by Garrett Clayton. Directed by first time helmer Leif Rokesh, the indie drama follows the suicidal Stephen as he struggles to find purpose, and resolve a mysterious childhood incident that ended his friendship with Nick.

The film marks a major departure for Doww, who jump-started his acting career by appearing in YouTube comedy videos. It also presented an opportunity for him to work with Clayton, a good friend, and frequent rival for the same roles.

Doww settles in with his coffee, a brownie, and a big smile, ready to chat about the film.

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