Judy Blume is finally coming to the big screen.

It’s somewhat odd that none of Blume’s novels have been turned into movies. From Superfudge to Are You There God?, as an adolescent I would’ve run to see any of her works come to life … and I would now, too.

This summer, more than 30 years after it was published, Tiger Eyes marks the first Blume work to arrive in theaters. It’s directed by the author’s son, Lawrence Blume, and stars Willa Holland, Amy Jo Johnson and Cynthia Stevenson.

Tiger Eyes isn’t Blume’s most popular young-adult novel, but the author has said she has wanted to bring it to the big screen for a long time. It follows a girl who moves to New Mexico with her mother and brother after her father is killed.

Here’s the trailer:


Looks good, right? I really hope this is the first of many Blume books to hit theaters. On June 7 it opens in select cities and becomes available on demand.