Official Trailer for B&W Drama ‘Palacios’ Directed by Robert T. Herrera

October 22, 2018
Source: YouTube

“Maybe we could just hang out here for a little while? Just hang out…” Freestyle Digital Media has released the first official trailer for Palacios, an indie drama filmed in St. Louis, Missouri that is heading straight-to-VOD later this fall. The drama is about a widowed woman and an inner-city teen who decide to spend the 4th of July holiday together on a Midwest city rooftop where they create an unlikely bond that forces them to stop ignoring the circumstances that placed them there together. The film also features a Boston terrier which has a key role in the story, joining them as they converse on the roof. Palacios is also a B&W film, and it was shot on location entirely in St. Louis, Missouri. I’m digging the vibe of this film. I’m certainly curious now, especially with that dog appearing so prominently on the new poster and in the trailer. Worth a watch.

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