Special screening of film ‘Karma Calling’ for a good cause

Special screening of film ‘Karma Calling’ for a good cause

Tuesday, 21 July 2009 19:40

Proceeds from the New Jersey event will benefit India’s Farmer’s Suicide Relief Fund

Karma is calling Wednesday night.

Movie fans have an opportunity to see a fun, award-winning film, Sarba Das’s “Karma Calling” and help a worthy Indian charity at the same time.

Wednesday is the special fundraising event for the India’s Farmer’s Suicide Relief Fund run by MA Center (Mata Amritanandamayi Center), serving farmers in rural India. As little as $100 can save the life of a single farmer by wiping out what would seem like a small amount of debt to those in the United States, but to many in rural Indian it is too much of a burden. And if a life is saved, a family is saved. Thousands of farmers have taken their own lives because of rising debt that often results from poor growing conditions.

All proceeds will go to a charitable cause of helping Indian farmers. The event is to be held at Royal Albert’s Palace in Fords, N.J. and will consist of dinner at 7 p.m. followed by a special screening of “Karma Calling” at 8 p.m

“Karma Calling” was partially filmed at the Palace, in Edison and recently won Best Feature film at The New Jersey International Film Festival. Other notable wins include The Audience Awards at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and Honorable Mention to Best Feature at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.The brother and sister filmmaking duo Sarthak Das and Sarba Das, Randolph, N.J. natives, co-wrote and produced the award-winning screenplay (Richard Vague Award 2006) together with New York producer Rita Parikh. The film is a family affair with Sarba and Sarthak’s mother Sulekha Das, a librarian in Hanover, starring as a chai-fueled Mary Poppins fresh from India. Their cousins Barnali Das and Ansuman Das also play lead roles alongside veterans Tony Sirico (“The Sopranos”) and Bollywood star Darshan Jariwala (“Gandhi My Father”). Rising talents Kavi Ladnier and Samrat Chakrabarti also star in this inventive and inspired comedy from first-time director Sarba Das.

Sarba and Sarthak Das pull together a talented ensemble cast in this colorful comedy about a model minority in the middle of a meltdown. “Karma Calling” is a snapshot of our hyper-globalized world through the eyes of a family from New Jersey just trying to get by.

Lead actress Kavi Ladnier will be at the fundraising event, and when asked about lending the film in support of MA Center’s charity she said, “When one works as long and hard as we did on this film, the hope is that audiences will appreciate and enjoy it, but to be able to use the work to benefit something more than entertainment is an honor. When our work can be our seva (service) too it is quite a blessing.”

Ladnier will be joined by actresses Gargi Mukherjee, Sulekha Das as well as co-writer/producer Sarthak Das at Wedneday’s New Jersey screening of the film.

Karma Calling will also make it’s New York City premiere Friday as part of the Asian American International Film Festival.

Director Sarba Das adds, “I am honored the film was selected. This has been an all in the family affair, our labor of love, our behemoth and we are thrilled to be selected as a Grand Jury Finalist. It’s a great joy to screen “Karma Calling” in NYC in the footsteps of so many talented filmmakers.”

www.KarmaCalling.com for trailer and screening info.


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