Variety: Freestyle Digital Media Acquires VOD Rights to ‘State of the Unity’ – Film News in Brief 

Freestyle Digital Media has acquired the North American VOD rights to “State of the Unity,” the 2022 deep-dive documentary about the history of music in America. The feature film will be available via internet, cable and satellite platforms starting Oct. 6.

The project started back in 2016, following the Brooklyn band The Bergamot on their U.S. tour through all 50 states. As they trekked cross-country roads, they offered people to scribe a “message of unity” on their station wagon they dubbed the Unity Car. “What ensued is a heartwarming tale of human perseverance, empathy and understanding during one of the most polarizing times in American history,” reads the film’s synopsis.

Nathaniel Paul Hoff and Jillian Speece, directors and producers of the film, said in a statement, “Music is the great unifier that allowed us to travel to all 50 States peacefully bringing people together, and we spent 8 years making this film because we deeply believe in a better future for America.”

The “State of the Unity” deal was helmed by Freestyle Digital Media and Glen Reynolds of Circus Road Films. Freestyle Digital Media is a subset of Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group.