‘Swinging with the Finkels’ Being Released on DVD and VOD on Valentine’s Day 2012

‘Swinging with the Finkels’ Being Released on DVD and VOD on Valentine’s Day 2012

British director-screenwriter Jonathan Newman’s latest film, the romantic comedy “Swinging With The Finkels,” is set to have a home video release date of February 14, 2012. Freestyle Digital Media is releasing the DVD, which includes the bonus features “Sex With The Finkels,” the short film on which the feature film is based, and the trailer for the movie.

“Swinging With The Finkels” tells the story of what happens after a married couple’s honeymoon period ends, and they become bored with married life. Ellie, played by Mandy Moore, and her husband Alvin, portrayed by Martin Freeman, are living in London several years after their marriage. Their days of lust and fun are long gone, and they’re looking for something to change the normality of their everyday life.

Ellie and Alvin are advised how to save their marriage by their best friends-Janet, played by Melissa George, and her husband, Peter, portrayed by Jonathan Silverman – despite their own personal problems. After several desperate attempts to spice up their relationship, Ellie suggests they try swinging to mix things up. They search for the perfect couple in England to have a consensual affair. Once Ellie and Alvin find their seemingly perfect swinging couple, the two start questioning why they’re swinging and risking their marriage.

“Swinging With The Finkels” will also be released on Cable and Internet VOD by Freestyle Digital Media.