THEGRIO: Award-winning film on Chicago’s West Side to debut via Allen Media Group’s Freestyle Digital Media

A gritty and inspiring, award-winning documentary highlighting the challenges and triumphs of residents on Chicago’s West Side will be available through Allen Media Group’s Freestyle Digital Media beginning on March 28.“Raised Up West Side“ focuses on the entrepreneurs, social activists and ex-offenders who thrive in a predominately poor Black neighborhood beset by poverty and lacking essential services.“Too often, when we hear about Chicago, we’re assaulted by grim statistics and a sense of daily dread. It makes you numb, whether you live in these neighborhoods or not,” filmmaker Brett A. Schwartz said.

“It’s too easy to forget there are real stories and real people who are striving in areas affected by gun violence, food insecurity, and overall disinvestment,” said Schwartz, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker who wrote, directed and produced the documentary. “Raised Up West Side” takes viewers behind the headlines, behind the statistics to meet the brave and resilient people seeking change — and very often, against the odds, a second chance.”