7 Social Media Tips Independent Filmmakers Should Know in 2024

Social Media for Independent Filmmakers

Social Media Marketing for Indie Films

Let’s be honest, in the world of indie filmmaking, financial resources are often the culprit of marketing limitations. That’s why a grassroots social media marketing campaign can be indispensable for promoting your film and reaching a wider audience. At Freestyle Digital Media we are always encouraging our filmmakers to maximize their social media presence when promoting their films. Below are our 7 social media tips for independent filmmakers in 2024.

#1. Know Your Audience & Platform

Do research on your audience and understand their behavior. Ask yourself these questions; What’s the age range of the audience who would watch my film? What social media platforms do they frequent? What type of social media content resonates with them? Tailor your approach accordingly to ensure maximum engagement.

#2. Keyword Search & SEO

Did you know nearly half of Generation Z use TikTok and Instagram rather than Google to search? This could explain why SEO has had such a surge in social media marketing and why keywords are your new best friend when writing social media captions.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is used by digital marketers to increase online visibility. In the past, SEO has been essential for website management but as of lately it has also become an important factor in social media management.

How do you best utilize SEO for social media? Write variations of longer copy and shorter copy for your captions. Use relevant keywords to your film, genre, and cast. Make sure your bio is up to date with important keywords as well and that your handle is as close to the title of your film as possible so it’s easy to find your film online.

#3. Variation of Content

Having a wide variation of content ensures that your audience will remain engaged, but it can also give you an idea of what type of content resonates the most with your audience. When you learn what your best type of posts are, you can execute your strategies more effectively and reach your marketing objectives; whether that’s to increase awareness for your indie film or if it’s to direct people to rent or buy the film from a streaming platform.

Post stills or clips from your film, share highlights from your premiere through captivating content like Instagram Reels, or tease with funny behind-the-scenes moments. Think of any time you have seen a post about a film that has incentivized you to save it or send to a friend, and get ideas on how you can create similar types of content for YOUR film.

#4. Linktree

Create a landing page, or better yet a Linktree! When the time comes you will want to start sharing links on your social media and Linktree is a great platform that allows you to centralize all links in one location. It’s free and you can link to stories about your film, positive film reviews, direct to where your film is available, and more. Place it in the bio on your film’s page and easily direct people to the right destinations.

Linktree also offers basic analytics that can provide insight into how many clicks each link receives, helping you understand which content or platforms are most popular with your audience.

#5. Research & Study Trends

Do research on what other independent filmmakers within your genre are doing, and stay on top of social media trends and updates. Social media platforms are constantly coming out with new tools and updates, that may help you in your marketing efforts. Make sure to utilize all your social media resources to the fullest.

#6. Tag, tag, tag!

You should be tagging your cast and crew in every post. Do some research and find film pages that fit your film’s genre and tag them as well. This will feature you on their pages and could generate engagement more!

#7. Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to build hype around your independent film but also to group your posts with suitable keywords, making it easier to find the film.

Instagram is a great platform for hashtags, you can follow groups of hashtags to stay up to date with relevant content and conversations, you can use up to 30 hashtags and you can utilize hashtags in your SEO efforts.

On other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, use hashtags more as a branding tool and keep them limited to one or two.

Are you an indie filmmaker?

Whether you’re at the beginning stages of production or you’re screening at film festivals, these simple tips will help you along your digital marketing journey.

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