Dances With Films in Los Angeles and Cannes Film Festival in France

Top Film Festivals in Summer 2024

Dances With Films in Los Angeles and Cannes Film Festival in France

We’re gearing up to attend some of most exciting film festivals of summer 2024, and guess what? There’s time for you to join! Passes are still available and you can find them in the links below.

Cannes Film Festival


Kick starting with a late spring event, Cannes Film Festival or Festival De Cannes is one of the years biggest film events and we are here for it.

Emerging in 1946 from humble origins, Cannes now stands as a beacon of cinematic brilliance, drawing independent and avant-garde filmmakers as well as mainstream blockbusters. Amidst the glitz and glamour of its iconic premieres and exclusive parties, Cannes remains a pivotal platform for artistic expression and cultural exchange. The film festival epitomizing the magic of cinema on an international stage.

Freestyle Digital Media’s Acquisitions Team will be attending the festival for 12th time, and we can’t wait to go back, to see the new submissions. Will you be there? Let us know, we would love to connect!

Dances With Films


Since 1998, Dances with Films has evolved into a grand showcase for independent cinema. The festival boasts an eclectic selection of over 200 films annually. Submissions include features, shorts, documentaries, music videos, TV, and web content, making it a melting pot of cinematic diversity.

Located at The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, this festival is a great local event for filmmakers in Los Angeles. As Freestyle Digital Media is based out of LA, naturally we will be there too! We have been going to Dances with Films the past 6 years and acquired films like Holden On, Delicate State, She’s In Portland, and one of our latest The Zombie Wedding.

More Domestic and International Film Festivals Summer 2024

As some of you, we are still looking at a few more film festivals to lock in this year. Below is a curated list of film festivals in the upcoming months that are worth having a look, for distributors and filmmakers alike.

American Black Film Festival


Tribeca Film Festival

New York City, New York | June 5-16


Galway, Ireland | July 9-14


Hollywood, California | August 8-17


Calgary, Canada | September 19-29

Which film festival is best for you?

When deciding which film festival is best suited for you as an independent filmmaker, it’s essential to consider various factors that align with your goals. Each festival offers its own unique opportunities for networking, exposure to industry professionals, and potential for showcasing your work to the right audience.

Consider the type of films accepted at each festival, the audience demographics, the reputation and prestige of the event, as well as any specific categories or themes that may resonate with your work.

Additionally think about the location and timing of the festival. Factor in the cost associated costs such as submission fees, travel expenses, accommodation, and weigh them against the potential benefits and opportunities offered by each festival.

If you’re not attending a film festival this year and would like us to see your film, please feel free to submit your film here.