Trailer for Doc ‘We the People’ Questioning Global Politics & Economics

“We do not have scarcity, we have selfishness.” Freestyle Digital Media has released an official trailer for a documentary titled simply We the People, made by French filmmaker Emmanuel Itier, examining and questioning global politics and economics. This hasn’t played at many festivals, but it’s getting a full VOD release next month, for anyone interested in watching. The film is described as a “worldwide exploration” of politics and economics, with the aim of inspiring us to reach towards a better world. “At the end if we create caring economies and politics maybe we can build a sustainable planet full of Peace, Justice and Love for everybody.” This is more of a discussion doc with a lot of talking heads, including notable intellectuals like Robert Reich, Deepak Chopra, Sharon Stone, Michael Beckwith, and more. We must keep striving for peace.

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