UNILAD: Horror fans are only just discovering Zombeavers and its celebrity cameos

It’s nearly nine years old, but one horror comedy still has enough for viewers to sink their teeth into.

Zombeavers may have only received a 32 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but Reddit users have still found enough to enjoy about the film.

The bizarre flick, released in 2014, follows a group of college kids who are enjoying themselves at a riverside cottage before being forced to grapple with an unexpected threat – zombie beavers. Yep, really.

Check out the trailer:

It’s as strange as it sounds, with appearances from singer John Mayer and comedian Bill Burr doing nothing to tone down the flick’s weirdness.

On the Horror subreddit, fans applauded the film, while at the same time admitting it wasn’t all that good. One viewer wrote: “‘Zombeavers’ is a hilarious and enjoyable waste of time. That is all.”

Another user said: “This movie absolutely didn’t deserve being as funny and good as it is, and I had a blast watching it,” whilst another remarked: “I’ll never get over the fact that John Mayer is in this.”

Meanwhile, a fellow fan commented: “If you want to put your mind at rest and just looking for a mindless fun, yes, Zombeavers is a great pick. Your brain needs a reset from time to time.”