What Social Platforms Are Best For Indie Filmmakers?

We know, we know… When you’re in the creative flow, the last thing you want to think about is how you’re going to make money.  But, at the end of the day, if you don’t create some buzz and actively promote your film it won’t get seen and that means you won’t be able to keep making more films!  Here are a few social platforms you can use to build a following, engage with viewers and most important, pay for the film!



Crowd funding has opened the doors for entrepreneurs and filmmakers like never before.  You don’t have to wait for your big break or hope the right person sees your movie and likes it.  Bring your idea to the masses and let them back you up. Kickstarter is great to get the funds to turn an idea into a movie.  It’s also a great platform to take an already created film and generate cash.


Instagram and Facebook.  

Filmmaking is about imagery and visuals.  It’s about feelings and emotions. This fits perfectly with Instagram because pictures and videos have the ability to invoke all of the emotions and feelings you want.  It’s a popular platform with a younger crowd that is all about stepping away from mainstream and supporting indie artists like you.



It wasn’t long ago that filmmakers were turning to YouTube as their platform of choice, but with all the ads and garbage found there, they are now turning to Vimeo. It’s better anyway.  Filmmakers can add a Tip Jar function to their videos and even add a payment restriction to grant access to your videos.


There are a number of other social platforms out there.  We really just scratched the surface. Freestyle Digital Media in Los Angeles partners with leading-edge agencies who specialize in social and digital media campaigns and with seasoned and connected PR agencies who work in tandem to get our clients’ films seen and streamed.   Get in touch with us today!