Zero Weeks

Zero Weeks is a groundbreaking documentary detailing how the United States is one of the only two countries worldwide without paid leave. Zero Weeks weaves powerful personal stories with insightful interviews and explores America’s paid leave crisis and the cost of doing nothing. Zero Weeks is the first feature documentary to explore America’s desperate need for modern paid family leave policies. With the help of a variety of experts, Zero Weeks follows the historical arc of family and medical leave and how our nation arrived where it is now: lagging behind every other country in the world except for Papua New Guinea.

Zero Weeks explores the economic, social, medical, marital and global perspective for paid family leave by creating a poignant, hopeful and honest snapshot of how the lack of affordable time for caregiving impacts American families and businesses. The film follows various American families from different socioeconomic backgrounds as they are forced to choose between the family they love and the job they need. Zero Weeks introduces viewers to small businesses who are leading on leave, as well as doctors, economists, corporate leaders and elected officials.


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